I’ve completed my first week of my senior year of college. It’s going well. I mean, I’m tired, but I’m motivated. I’m ready to finish and move on with the rest of my life! I can’t wait to see where I’m going to end up. Fingers crossed for Asheville or Nashville. ;)

Without further ado, life lately:

  1. This Trader Joe’s bouquet is the best thing. It’s beautiful and it’s lasted so long. I will never stop buying myself flowers. I deserve it, y’all! Just because! 
  2. The White Tiger Gourmet is one of my very favorite restaurants in Athens. I love the location too… right in the heart of Boulevard.
  3. The interior is adorable, right? Pro tip: order the BBQ pimento cheese sandwich. The BBQ is honestly probably the best I’ve had in all of Athens which is funny because White Tiger isn’t necessarily a BBQ joint! And it comes on a Luna Bakery bun. You should never pass up the opportunity to eat your sandwich on Luna Bakery bread.
  4. I loved getting adorable mail from a sweet friend in Canada. Jen, if you’re reading this, your mail is coming!
  5. My best friend apparently stopped by my car one morning while I was in class and left this little note on my wind shield. Small things like this make me feel tremendously loved. That girl, what a gem of a friend.
  6. I love driving down 441 and visiting Thomas Orchards during July/August. Peaches, y’all. Georgia peaches.
  7. This guy. He loves my bed. And I don’t mind. Gah, look at him!
  8. Yesterday I celebrated surviving my first week of classes with a delicious, gluttonous meal at The Royal Peasant. Oh goodness, it was wonderful. Here are the English crisps with blue cheese and bacon.
  9. For my main course I got the Ploughman’s which was an awesome decision. It came with a variety of pickled vegetables which I LOVE (—we can pickle that!—), arugula salad with roasted red peppers, marinated chicken skewers, ciabatta, and goat brie. 
  10. And I didn’t stop there. Nope. I ordered the sticky toffee pudding with vanilla bean gelato. It was RICH. Absolutely incredible. My mouth is watering just thinking about that whole meal. If you live in Athens and you haven’t been to The Royal Peasant, please go treat yourself! It’s one of a kind.

Happy Saturday! Peace and love to you all! 

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